2 Churches - 1 Parish

The parish of Moseley is distinctive in many ways! One of those ways is by having two parish churches, St Anne’s and St Mary’s. Having formed a United Benefice of two separate parishes in 2007, the church communities have grown ever closer and on 01 July 2021 became a single parish. Ministry is common across both parishes and folk freely move between their ‘home’ church and the other for special services and events. The different worship spaces offered by the two churches enable us to be creative and offer a variety of opportunities to draw the worshipping and wider communities together. The story of churches in Moseley is a long one. As you enter Moseley you are welcomed to 'Moseley Village' and even though we are a suburb of the nation’s second city, Moseley has retained a strong sense of identity with St Mary’s being very much the village church.

The original village church in Moseley was founded as an outpost of Bromsgrove more than 600 years ago. As the population of Moseley grew, so did the need for a place of worship and the original small chapel has been adapted and expanded many times over the years. As a consequence, St Mary’s architectural style could be described as eclectic. It was in Victorian times with the growth of Birmingham as a major industrial centre and the population growth that went with it, that saw St Mary’s church expand to a capacity of just over 900. As the population continued to grow, three daughter churches were planted – one of them being St Anne’s which was consecrated in 1874.

St Anne’s has a brighter and airy feel and the building is in the Victorian neo-gothic style. Worship is in the round with a nave altar and movable chairs for seating which allows great flexibility in how we use the space. Whether it is our Christingle service at St Mary’s drawing a congregation of 700+ or the intimate All Soul’s service at St Anne’s, our two worship spaces complement each other and work well together.