An important part of our Christian faith is prayer, either praying individually or together as a community. Prayer is a spiritual time to be with God, bringing to God what is on your heart and mind, whether a world event or something closer to home concerning a loved one.

To pray is to experience the love of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It can change the way we think about our lives and opens us to be transformed by God.

Prayer can happen in many ways, and it is ok to find a way that helps you - there is no wrong way to pray! Sometimes the simplest thing can be powerful.

Remember that God hears every prayer - but not all prayers are answered in the way we might expect or desire: we don't always pray for his will to be done!

Prayer is a discipline - it can be difficult at times, just like keeping fit, being on a diet, or keeping weeds down in the garden. Little and often is best, but don't give up! No prayer, however inadequate you may feel it to be, is ever wasted or of no value.

A recent survey by the charity Tearfund in 2020 during the UK lockdown found that 1 in 20 people have started praying and 1 in 4 people were turning to faith, whether online, on the radio or on TV.

Subjects of prayers were wide-ranging, including family (53%), friends (34%), frontline services (27%) and other countries dealing with Covid-19 (15%).

During these difficult times this year, our world, our nation, our church, our community and others have been in the prayers of our ministry team, our staff team and members of our congregations.

If you would like us to pray for you or anyone else, then please send your prayer request to . All your prayer requests will be treated confidentially. Prayers will be shared with a dedicated prayer team who will pray for your request over the next few weeks or longer if stated. The only reply will be acknowledgement of receipt.


Here are some suggestions of resources to use for your prayer life: