Set in a Liberal Catholic Eucharistic tradition, St Mary’s worships in a spirit of “relaxed formality”, where the focus is on fine choral music and liturgy with a feeling that God is transcendent. The church offers additional choral worship centred on major festivals and pays close attention to the changing liturgical seasons. St Mary’s congregation values traditional worship ‘done well’.

Like St Mary’s, St Anne’s is an intergenerational, liberal and inclusive congregation, who worship an immanent God. Recent re-ordering has seen the pews removed and the nave altar become the main permanent focus of worship. Worship is less formal here than at St Mary’s and takes place in the round. Worship is led by organ and piano, and the feeling is very much that God is immanent.

Sunday Services

From Sunday 5th September 2021, a new pattern of Sunday worship took effect at St Mary's and St Anne's Churches, as detailed in the table below. Please do check our calendar further down this page for variations to the regular pattern.

Sunday of the Month

8am Sunday Service at St Mary’s

10am Sunday Service at St Mary’s Church *

11am Sunday Service at St Anne’s Church (except 4th Sunday – see below)

6.30pm Sunday Service at St Mary’s


Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

10am Eucharist with children’s groups

11am Eucharist with children’s groups

Sung Evensong


Holy Communion (Common Worship)

10am Intergenerational Service with no children’s groups

11am Eucharist with no children’s groups

Taize / Celtic Style Worship


Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

10am Eucharist with children’s groups

11am Eucharist with children’s groups

Sung Evensong


Holy Communion (Common Worship)

10am Eucharist with no children’s groups

8.30am Breakfast Church 

Service of Wholeness and Healing


Holy Communion (Common Worship)

10am Eucharist with children’s groups

11am Eucharist with children’s groups

Contemplative Worship


Live-streamed Services

When the Eucharist service is from St Mary's at 10:00am, it will usually be live-streamed to our Facebook page and the Parish website (unless it is the Intergenerational Service, which is not live-streamed). If the video does not appear on the website at 10am, please refresh your page.

Breakfast Church

Breakfast Church is different. With a strong emphasis on community, fun and food, it’s a chance to meet people, and engage with God in a fresh and accessible way, with breakfast included. It happens early in the day to accommodate busy families with multiple commitments.


A traditional service where some of the liturgy is sung. The service is from the Book of Common Prayer (1662) with psalms, canticles, hymns, prayers, readings and a reflection.

Celtic Style Evening Worship

A quiet, reflective service of readings, prayer and music, with liturgy and themes drawn from communities with roots in early Celtic Christianity.

Wholeness and Healing

Our service of Wholeness and Healing is a quiet service of readings, music, prayer and reflection, with a focus on wholeness and healing. You do not have to be unwell to come, and you will not need to share anything personal. There is an invitation to receive the laying on of hands with prayer; this may be for ourselves, for others, for a situation on our minds, or for the world. There is also the opportunity to be anointed with oil. Both are optional; you are simply invited to come as you are, bringing and sharing your burdens with God who knows us deeply.


A Taizé service is meditative in style and includes sung or chanted prayers, periods of silence and readings from the Bible. It is the repetitive nature of the singing that allows the mind and heart the freedom to go deeper into worship.

Contemplative worship 

Contemplative worship will offer the opportunity to to reflect and contemplate around a theme. By its nature, the service will usually include longer periods of silence, pieces of music and also prayer. There may be less opportunity for congregational singing. The service is likely to be less formal than our usual worship.

Current Coronavirus Guidance

We offer communion in two kinds, both the bread and the wine. Receiving the wine is entirely optional; the Church of England has been clear throughout the pandemic that communion in one kind (i.e. just the bread) is complete communion.  Intincting our wafer is not permitted for hygiene reasons.

Please be aware of the updated NHS guidance on covid symptoms and do not come to church if you are feeling unwell.

If you wish to wear a face covering please do so.

Please be sensitive to those who may prefer some space around them. 


Weekday Services

Morning Prayer

Join us  for Morning Prayer at 9.10am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Lady Chapel at St Mary's and at 9.10am in St Anne's on Tuesdays.

Midweek Holy Communion

Mid-week Holy Communion takes place every Thursday at 12.15pm in St Mary's. 



For details of worship for Children, please see our Children and Youth page.


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