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'Home' - Our Autumn Programme of Discipleship for 2021

Thursday Thinkers

Come and enjoy discussion over morning coffee and cake. No previous experience or intellectual experise required! Thursday Thinkers is also a great way to get to know others in the church. We will be commencing on Thursday 21st October in the West Room. The first meeting will be a chance to enjoy meeting in person again and to share ideas for the future. This autumn, we will be thinking and talking around the theme of Home.

All meetings will be in the West Room. 

21st October: Open Meeting with coffee and cake. Ideas sharing for the future. 

28th October:  Making Home: How do we create a sense of ‘home’?   

4th November: Leaving Home: What happens when we or those we love leave home?

11th November: Transience and Home. Exploring the experience of refugees and nomadic peoples and a fluid building of home.

2nd December: Welcome and Hospitality: How can we develop the idea of hospitality? Is this always something to do with where we live? Please note the later start time of 10.30am.

9th December: Christmas Social.  Please note the later start time of 10.30am.

Listen to a Podcast

Listen to A Home of our Own - 10 episodes on how every home has a story to tell about Britain's housing crisis. Podcast available on BBC Sounds here. 


Moseley at the Movies - Nomadland

Moseley at the Movies will be showing  the film Nomadland on Wednesday 3rd November at 7.00pm (Venue to be arranged).

Nomadland stars Frances McDormand who plays an older woman who makes a new home from her small van. The film explores themes of contemporary nomadic living, bereavement, memory and friendship - all set against sweeping backdrops of the American wilderness.

Please sign up at the welcome desk if you would like to come.

Book of the Term - The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christi Lefteri

Come and share thoughts and discussion on the incredible story of Mustafa and his family as they travel from Syria to the UK, with the memories and impressions that are brought and made along the way. This book connects with our charity for September, Restore, which supports refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham.

Wine, soft drinks and nibbles available - 7pm, 7th December in the West Room. 

Autumn Afternoon Walk

Exploring our home environment and what it means for us. We will be finishing either in central Moseley or at someone's home with tea, cake and a chance to share together what home means for us individually, for 45 minutes afterwards.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Walk around an hour. 

Meet at St Mary's lychgate -  2.30pm, Saturday 4th December.

Urban Home - Digital Meditation

What does your home mean for you?

Do you have special memories of somewhere you have lived, either your own home or someone else's?

At the beginning of November through to Christmas, we will be beginning a digital project on the theme of Home. We are inviting anyone to submit an image, poem, quote or short memoir or reflection (no more than 500 words) on the theme of Home, interpreted as you wish. Each week one or more offerings will be uploaded. The project editor retains the right to review each submission accordingly should this be considered necessary. Please ensure submissions are acknowledged either as your own work or as someone else’s.

Please send all submissions to office@moseleychurch.org.uk.

Click here to read a reflection from Revd Magdalen called The Spanish Plate.

Advent Prayer Calendar

The Advent Prayer Calendar is now available in church and on line.  This year's calendar follows the theme of Home.

You may like to light a candle at home when you pray.

You can see the calendar here.


You might like to find out more about a charity that supports people who are homless or newly arrived in the UK. BARMS (Birmingham Asylum and Migrant Support) is an unbrella organisation which outlines the different charities working in the city with the homeless, asylum seekers and refugess. 

One simple thing we can do is to buy a Big Issue and stop and chat to the sellers in our community. 

Anji Page is our local Homeless Outreach Worker. Please pray for her and the work that she does. 

Look and listen to the local community and how different expresssions of home manifest themselves. 


Posada are small portable nativity sets which are easily constructed at home. They are a way of thinking and praying for those who travel or have no permanent homes, inspired by the experience of Mary and Joseph who left Nazareth to journey to Bethlehem.

We have several sets at St Mary’s and St Anne’s. During Advent the nativity sets will be travelling around different families and individuals each week beginning on Advent Sunday. If you would like to host a Posada please speak to Rachel (imc@moseleychurch.org.uk) or Magdalen (assocvicar@moseleychurch.org.uk).

There is a small candle and some prayers included in the set so please do use these to pray at home at least once.

We would love to create a gallery of Posada photos so if you would like to send an appropriate photo for the website that would be wonderful. The Nativity set might be placed on a window sill or quiet space where you can see it.

Please bring the set back at the end of the week so it can travel on to the next family or individual. Moseley Cof E Primary School will also be sharing in the project with their own sets.