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Thursday Thinkers Summer Programme

  • 19th May at 10.00am: Visit to see Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition at Secret Space in Birmingham on 19th May at 10.00am. Please meet at the West Room at 9.45am and a group will be going by bus. Please let Magdalen know if you need a taxi.
  • 26th May: Coffee and Cake in the West Room at 10.30am to reflect on exhibition and look at understanding visiting an art exhibition as a spiritual practice.
  • 23rd June: Learning about non-violent communication - to be confirmed.
  • 14th July: Visit to Birmingham Art Gallery leaving St Mary's at 9.45am.


Sacred Spaces

Building on the recent Lent programme, ‘Power in the Presence’ which explored a variety of ways we experience God’s presence, it is the intention to develop a series of open and inclusive events to explore aspects of spirituality and practice. These will take on a variety of forms and will happen in a number of places, both in our church sites as well as outside in the community of Moseley and occasionally beyond. Each will have a particular focus or theme. Each will be an invitation to engage and participate as an individual and in community within a small group. We have called this project Sacred Spaces and it will be an ongoing, growing, event which will not have a set time slot but will be offered monthly. Those who plan it will also be open to suggestions from others in terms of content. We might explore contemplative spaces, creative spaces, silent spaces, wild spaces, spaces saturated by prayer, art, reflection, silence, wonder….discover places and spaces that offer an encounter with the sacred and open up the ‘things of God’.  We will be drawing on some of the ancient practices of the monastic tradition and looking for ways to enable that encounter. Sacred Spaces is open to people of longstanding Christian faith, those who feel they are wanting to refresh their faith and spiritual seekers - in other words everyone! Intrigued? You are warmly invited.

Our first Sacred Space will be on Sunday 29th May at 6.30pm at St Mary’s Church.

Future events will be:

  • Saturday 18th June 10.30am at Highbury Park – exact venue to be decided nearer the time.
  • Tuesday 19th July 7.30pm at St Anne’s Church.
  • Thursday 25th August 10.30am at St Mary’s Church with coffee and cake.

Watch the bulletin and website in the coming months for more information.

Book of the Term - Piranesi


The Book of the Term will be Piranesi  by Susannah Clarke.

There will be the opportunity to discuss the book on Tuesday 12th July in the West Room

from 7.30-9.00pm with refreshments.



Retreat in Daily Life

Retreat in Daily Life – November 2022

This will be an opportunity to learn how to pray effectively using techniques which are both manageable as well as creative and can be woven into the busy fabric of each day. It is also a way of taking time out and having a ‘retreat’ but without having to take ourselves out of our everyday environment and without the expense.

The retreat will be run with the help of trained guides from Manresa Link. You will learn specific techniques associated with the Ignatian way of praying.

The retreat lasts for 4 weeks and is free (we ask each participant to make a small donation to cover travel expenses anything between £5 and £20).

Participants are given biblical passages to reflect and ‘imagine’ and each week they will meet their ‘Guide’ to talk through their experiences.

Places are limited to 8 so if you would like to find out more contact Rev Magdalen on assocvicar@moseleychurch.org.uk.  More details in the summer.